Set Host name in rhel7

The hostnamectl tool is provided for administering the three separate classes of host names in use on a given system. View All the Host Names To view all the current host names, enter the following command: ~]$ hostnamectl status The status option is implied by default if no option is given.

Using Find to locate files

 In this tutorial we’ll look at the find command and how you can quickly use it to locate files in your filesystem. Find is a powerful utility capable of locating files anywhere on your system including mounted drives and removable storage, processing regular expressions, and even running other commands on those files. Fortunately only a […]

CPU usage and load

Monitoring, anticipating, and reacting to server load is a full time job in some organizations. Unexpected spikes in resource usage can indicate a software or hardware problem. Gradual increases over time can help you predict hardware growth requirements. Under utilization can show you opportunities to use hardware more efficiently. CPU load is one of the […]