FreeIPA Server Setup

Introduction FreeIPA is an open-source security solution for Linux which provides account management and centralized authentication, similar to Microsoft’s Active Directory. FreeIPA is built on top of multiple open source projects including the 389 Directory Server, MIT Kerberos, and SSSD. FreeIPA has clients for CentOS 7, Fedora, and Ubuntu 14.04/16.04. These clients make it fairly […]

Increase ELK ElasticSearch Performance

Tip #1: Know Your Deployment Topology Before You Set Configs Loggly is running ES 0.90.13 with separate master and data nodes. We won’t be going into too much detail about that right now (look out for a subsequent post), other than to say that you need to determine your deployment topology in order to make […]

Finding UUID to Identify Partitions

Linux’s ext2/ext3 filesystem uses UUID UUID benefits As a sesonded UNIX admin I have to deal with various data storage technologies such as SAN, iSCSI, DAS, scsi disks volumes. Sometime you may need to move storage from one device to another and updating /etc/fstab can be pain in a$$. With UUID Linux kernel should automatically […]

Set Host name in rhel7

The hostnamectl tool is provided for administering the three separate classes of host names in use on a given system. View All the Host Names To view all the current host names, enter the following command: ~]$ hostnamectl status The status option is implied by default if no option is given.

apt-get-repository Command is Missing

Problem: apt-get-repository Command is Missing I was trying to install the latest version of git from the Ubuntu Git Maintainers Team and I needed to add a Personal Package Archive (PPA) to the Software Sources. But when I tried to do this, I got an error: sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found Solution: Install the software-properties-common […]

Find Largest files on Linux System

How do I find the largest top files and directories on a Linux or Unix like operating systems? Sometime it is necessary to find out what file(s) or directories are eating up all your disk space. Further, it may be necessary to find out it at the particular location such as /tmp or /var or […]

Installing Tripwire

Security is an incredibly complex problem when administering online servers. While it is possible to configure firewalls, fail2ban policies, secure services, and lock down applications, it is difficult to know for sure if you have effectively blocked every attack. A host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS), works by collecting details about your computer’s filesystem and configuration. […]

ElasticSearch Clustering setup

ElasticSearch is flexible and powerful open source, distributed real-time search and analytic engine. Using a simple set of APIs, it provides the ability for full-text search. Elastic search is freely available under the Apache 2 license, which provides most flexibility. This article will help you for configuring ElasticSearch Multi Node Cluster on CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu […]

Lets look at CronTab

About crontab The crontab is a list of commands that you want to run on a regular schedule, and also the name of the command used to manage that list. crontab stands for “cron table,” because it uses the job scheduler cron to execute tasks;cron itself is named after “chronos,” the Greek word for time.

Setting up Postfix relay

There are many reasons why you would want to configure Postfix to send email using an external SMTP provider such as Google Apps (Gmail), Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, or any other SMTP server. One reason is to avoid getting your mail flagged as spam if your current server’s IP has been added to a spam […]

ASA Install GNS3

GNS3 team has done a great job in stabilizing the ASA implementation. On the new version1.2.1 they have already set all default options (kernel command and Qemu options) to the best possible set that is out there( which you see below). And they have also stabilized the cpu utilization issue with ASA by integrating cpulimit […]

vCenter Syslog setup

I was recently asked if it was possible to forward vCenter Server logs to a regular syslog server and if so, how difficult would it be to setup? I had researched this topic several years back, but did not find an ideal solution as vCenter Server was only available on the Windows platform and vCenter […]

Easy Install PHP Mcrypt Extension on Ubuntu Linux

Most of web-based application development todays were developed using database. The most popular one is using PHP and MySQL. When developing using MySQL most of beginners were using phpMyAdmin as their power tools in database CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) as well as databases/tables creation and manipulation. PhpMyAdmin supports encryption feature which enables database developers to raise their […]