Download You Tube Video's using Debian

Across my internet Travels I came across A nice little instructional blog post showing how to download You Tube videos using the Terminal. Being a linux guru I always love when I find excellent terminal programs that are easy and seamless to use. There are a few options that allow you to download HD quality or low quality video depending upon your given needs.
First Things First you will need to open a terminal window or float over there and download the package with a
#apt-get install youtube-dl or under ubuntu #sudo apt-get install youtube-dl
After having successfully installed youtube-dl, open a web browser and go to to pick a video that you would like to download.
Copy the page URL/address of the Youtube video.
Go back to the Linux terminal and simply type: youtube-dl + URL/Address of the video
It will save the video in the Current Directory your in so make sure you in your home directory or where you would like the video to be downloaded too.

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